SpermaStop®, the thermal contraceptive underwear

A natural soft and efficient male contraceptive way

SpermaStop® is a major innovation in contraceptive matters : it is intended to men. It relies in a male brief boxer underwear especially designed to ensure simplicity, comfort and efficiency. It includes a removal thermal pad located in the scrotal area. This will lead in turn men to emancipation in the contraceptive field by temporarily withholding their fertilizing power. It offers very simply the most natural, very soft and entirely reliable contraceptive mean, from wearing it only two hours a day. It's the thermal male contraception which principle is to blur sperm cells production without alterate libido or semen production. Henceforth men reach a new degree of freedom and may decide as they wish their moment for fatherhood. Just within few weeks, their may choose to assume the contraceptive responsability within marital couples or for any sexual relationship. Thus they will contribute to liberate their feminine counterpart from hormonal contraception we all know have side effects on health. SpermaStop® has no side effects.

Embrace male contraception