The Thermal Male Contraception

The thermal male contraception is a natural physiological principle, freely accessible: any man can implement it by his own means either by additional warmth or by testicular lift.
In order to facilitate access to this contraception, JEMAYA Innovations has designed the SpermaPause® device.
SpermaPause® is an underwear that provide additional warmth to the testicles to pause sperm cells production.
SpermaPause® provides male contraception that contributes to an indisputable societal advance, broadening the spectrum of opportunities for men and women to act in a complementary way.
They can now share equally the responsibility and the mental burden associated with family planning.


SpermaPause® is a male underwear for male fertility control. Therefore it is a practical way for men to enjoy a break in their fertility for a considered period of time.
Avoid unwanted pregnancies so easily and be a father only when you want.
To choose the right moment is to opt for a better life for you and your future children!

What is TMC?

TMC means thermal male contraception. It is a natural and physiological principle inherent to males mammals according to which the sperm cells production goes on standby simply and safely, without any medication.

Normally sperm cells production (called spermatogenesis) occurs within the testicles inside the scrotum (balls) located outside the body to regulate their temperature around 34.7 °C, lower than the body temperature(37.7 °C). In this case, spermatogenesis produce everyday millions of gametes. When testicles are set at body temperature, the spermatogenesis fades. After a while there will be no more sperm cells meaning no more fertilization possible.
JEMAYA Innovations is a French association which mission is to promote this male contraception through the thermal underwear it developed specifically. It allows any man who desire it, to control his fertility very simply, in a healthy way and with no side effects.


Effectiveness greater than pills

  • Effectiveness similar to vasectomy (99.9%)!
  • Allowance to short omissions up to 4 days without cancelling the ongoing contraception

A natural process

  • It's a physiological process common to all mammals.
  • Pause of spermatogenesis by thermal effect.
  • No medicine, no hormonal products, no waste.

A man can be fertile all his life

  • Spermatogenesis is the period of sperm maturation that lasts 74 days. It reactivates after the period of contraception.
  • It is always ready to restart for a natural return of fertility.


Simply a boxer brief to wear
  • At least three hours a day.
  • Its integrated thermal compress will pause sperm cells production to prevent unplanned pregnancies. This is the thermal male contraception.

No side effects

Apart from condoms and vasectomy, male contraception does exist. It is quite natural in that way that is based on a physiological process, called Thermal Male Contraception (TMC), that requires no medicine. Our product SpermaPause® implements TMC in a soft and practical way in order to provide men with one of the most effective contraception. SpermaPause®  is a real alternative to all female contraceptives. Within couples, women no longer need medical devices nor hormonal drugs.

Our product fits every man. It is safe, tested and efficient.

Did you know? There are more than 100,000 abortions every single day worldwide (UN data). Why not take the lead rather than suffer the consequences? Contraception provides responsible pleasure and procreation, but must involve both men and women.
Male contraception does exist ! Thanks to TMC it is simple, safe and efficient. SpermaPause® makes it practical and effective. Everyone can take action to reduce the share of unwanted pregnancies. Just share the word!

How to get it?

Please proceed with online order. Postal delivery to all destinations (France, Europe, USA, Canada, Overseas regions, Latin America, Oceania, Asia...).

Simply enjoy the best, now!

SpermaPause® is efficient, simple and natural

Conditions of purchase and delivery

male contraception-SpermaPause-purchase conditions

Fonctionne à merveille!

Ma conjointe et moi avons eu 3 enfants qui on vu le jour suite a notre premier essai seulement. Cela fait maintenant presque 5 mois que j'utilise les boxers chauffants et je viens de recevoir un résultat d'azoospermie. Nous sommes très satisfaits des résultats!
- Nicolas


Contact très facile, rapidité et disponibilité pour répondre aux questions. Aucun avis sur le produit pour l'heure.
- Mat

It works

I found Jemaya SpermaPause during a desperate web-surf for male contraception. I looked everywhere for a way that I could take control of my fertility that didn't involve condoms or surgery but the options for men is unfortunately very slim. When my gf refused to take any form of female birth control as well as refusing to have condom sex, I knew that action needed to be taken if I was to avoid the overwhelming pain of unplanned fatherhood. By wearing SpermaPause for 1 full battery charge a day, I achieved azoospermia (zero sperm count!) in around 6 weeks. At week 3, lab test confirmed I had a count of 50 million but was diagnosed with teratozoospermia or abnormal morphology and borderline concentration. at the end of week 6, a laboratory test confirmed I had reached the zero mark. I haven't noticed any side effects other than a very minor decrease in the size of my balls. However, I still have a healthy libido so I'd take slightly smaller balls over being an unplanned parent any day! Thank you Jemaya!
- Karl

Retour d'expérience

Bonjour, Petit retour suite à l'achat d'un SpermaPause. J'ai acquis le SpermaPause pour pouvoir combiner cette méthode avec celle de l'anneau contraceptif Andro-Switch, que j'utilisais déjà. Après 3 mois de contraception (2 mois Andro-Switch à 15h/jour + 1 mois SpermaPause à envrion 4h / jour), j'ai fait mon 1er spermogramme de contrôle. Résultat très satisfaisant car : 35.000 spermatozoïdes / ml ! Donc loin en dessous de la limite des "1 million / ml" de l'OMS en dessous de laquelle nous sommes considérés infertiles. C'est un score également en dessous des 100.000 / ml, que les labos prennent comme référence pour déterminer si une vasectomie est réussie ou non. Voilà pour les chiffres, en bref, si cela est bien fait et bien suivi c'est une méthode très efficace, "naturelle", et surtout, féministe ! Du coup, la solution => en parler, en parler, et en reparler autour de nous ! J'enlève une étoile au produit pour l'autonomie de la batterie, qui est un peu légère à mon goût car elle ne couvre qu'un seul "cycle" de port, c'est à dire entre 3h et 5h selon la température choisie, et qu'il faut environ le même temps pour la recharger. PS : ne pas hésiter à contacter l'équipe qui est très serviable !
- d

ça marche pour nous

Ca fait 2ans et demi que nous utilisons les boxers chauffants avec mon mari. J'avais lu pas mal de choses sur la CMT donc j'étais déjà en confiance, mon mari l'était moins, mais ne voulait pas essayer autre chose. Il a préféré attendre 6 mois avant qu'on se passe de préservatifs, car pas question de pilule pour moi. Après 2 spermogrammes les résultats étaient bons et confirmés. Alors maintenant ça roule pour nous jusque-là. On a eu une panne de batterie mais le SAV a fonctionné rapidement. Depuis tout va bien. Merci pour cette solution presque miracle !
- Elisabeth

Livraison longue, bon produit

La livraison a prit du temps (à cause de la pandémie vraisemblablement) mais le service client était rassurant. C arrivé finalement! J'aime bcp le produit, c confortable. On va voir se ke ça donne je débute. j'ai régler la chaleur sur moyen et c agréable.
- Nicolas


La livraison a été rapide. Je suis dans le Var, j'ai reçu mon coffret par colissimo. Il était complet. Pour moi c OK, c facile, ça me plaît. Je recommande. Allez-y
- P.A

Une belle avancée

Personnellement je mets 5 étoiles pas directement pour le produit, mais surtout pour l'avancée qu'il amène dans la société, la possibilité que les mecs puissent prendre en main une contraception plus longue que celle du coup par coup du préservatif. J'ai acheté le pack SmartSeeds et j'ai été agréablement surpris de la facilité d'utilisation. Le patch(?) est souple et s'enfonce dans le caleçon pour s'adapter à l'anatomie. La batterie se met sur le côté du caleçon et on y branche le fil de la compresse. C'est pas désagréable et c'est pas gênant. Pour le moment je suis plutôt très satisfait de mon achat.
- Jonathan Rupinel

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Pack SmartSeeds
Pack SpermaPause
SmartSeeds pack

A true contraceptive efficiency with natural pleasure. The U-Man Underwear® boxer briefs are made of cotton (95%) and elastane (5%). They will fit you well even in an approximate size. You wear them as ordinary underwear with the benefit of having control of your fertility, thanks to the unnoticeable pad, for which they have been specially designed.

Now you choose when you want to be a father, you decide! No discomfort, no medication, no side effects, no libido impact.

No more unwanted pregnancies. It’s simple and works fine.

Make love as much as you please, always with serenity!

Sizes available : S, M, L, XL, XXL

USD $110,99
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Pack BiColor
Pack SmartSeeds PLUS
Pack SmartSeeds PLUS

This package is ideal for men: a true contraceptive effectiveness and a natural pleasure. The U-Man Underwear® boxer briefs are made of cotton (95%) and elastane (5%). They will fit you well even in an approximate size. You wear them as ordinary underwear with the benefit of having control of your fertility, thanks to the unnoticeable SpermaPause® pad, for which they have been specially designed.

Now you choose when you want to be a father, you decide! No discomfort, no medication, no side effects.

Make love as much as you please, always with serenity!

Sizes available : S, M, L, XL, XXL

USD $167,99
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U-MAN Boxers
U-MAN Underwear® brief boxers
U-MAN Underwear® brief boxers
These refine men’s boxer shorts have been specially developed for the optimal use of the SpermaPause® heating pad. An inside pocket ensures that the heating pad fits snugly against the scrotum. The eyelet is well positioned to connect the pad to the thermocontroller.
Only allows you to complete your collection of underwear for SpermaPause.
Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
USD $45,99
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