The Expert’s Word

“It is often to be heard that one sperm cell is enough to fertilize a woman ovule. This statement is absolutely albert-einsteinfalse. Tens of millions of sperm cells are needed to make a successful natural fertilization.

To figure it out, imagine this: the journey of the sperm cell from ejaculation to the egg at human size would be a single man swimming across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to America, a 5,000 kilometers distance just by himself, without any assistance. Even the best swimmer ever could not accomplish this. He would go for one hundred kilometers, maybe two, three or five, but tiredness, thirst, hunger, dangers (bad direction, sharks or anything you can think of) would overcome. Now consider tens of millions of men going together for the big crossing. You may hope some would arrive in the end, because of the synergy, because they would use dead bodies as bridges or life rafts. For sure all the invalid persons, all those who are not well-fitted would not last for long. Only the strong enough ones would keep going on and on.
That is exactly what’s going on for the sperm cells within the vagina. Danger is everywhere. Below a certain concentration level, no matter what, fertilization is not possible all.  According to World Health Organization, below 15 million sperm cells a man is having serious fertility problems. WHO has established 2.4 million sperm cells in semen as the male contraceptive threshold.SpermaStop® will bring you far more below that threshold to azoospermia (no sperm cells).”

[Very technical data at World Health Organization]